January 5, 2020

Spotlight: JVC Northwest

aerial image of Tacoma, Washington from the JVC Northwest recruitment video

During fall 2019 we had an exciting opportunity to work with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest to produce a volunteer recruitment video. This project took us across Washington State and into the lives of several people who shared their experiences with us in order to show others how impactful this organization has been for them. What was especially great about this media production project was getting to shoot outdoors, which provided a gorgeous backdrop and highlighted the areas that potential volunteers might work from. Our videographer, Chris Peterson, was able to capture some spectacular shots from the air and from the ground, and pulled everything together to create a wonderful piece. JVC Northwest has posted the video on their website to hightlight the volunteer program and are using short excerpts of the video on social media.

Watch “Step Into the Story”

JVCNW 2019 Recruitment from The AV Department on Vimeo.