April 29, 2020

Livestream a Virtual Auction From Anywhere to Everywhere

a living room with a person watching a live auction on a tv and using a latptop to bid on auction items

Is it possible to host a live virtual auction when your team is working from home? Yes! Partnering with Swaim Strategies and Artisan Auctions, The AV Department livestreamed entirely virtual — and successful — auctions.

We want to share our experience to help nonprofits across the U.S. plan their own live virtual auctions. 

Preplanning and Partnership is Key

While the fundraising pros at Swaim Strategies and Artisan Auctions work with the clients on strategy, script and content development, special guest preparation, and bidding software, The AV Department focuses on livestreaming solutions. 

During collaborative pre-event video conferences, we discuss:

  • Who is involved in the event
  • Script timing and cues
  • Video and slide assets
  • Web landing page branding and content
  • Host and auctioneer home production and computer equipment
  • Prefered livestream platform 
  • Pre-stream content
  • Music options

Following the initial discussions, the team at The AV Department reviews and tests all assets including videos, slide presentations, graphics and sponsor logos. We also advise auction hosts regarding internet and computer options at their remote locations, and build custom web landing pages for the livestreams. 

Going Live

Shortly before each event, The AV Department livestream technical engineer launches a video conference call for final script and content review. Just before the event goes live, everyone logs off the call except the host and benefit auctioneer. The video conference is fed into the livestream. A shared Google doc is used by auction assistants to provide real-time messages and donor updates to the hosts. The livestream technical engineer is supported by the technical director and audio engineer during the broadcast, which is run like a live television show.

Virtual Event Options

Until we can gather in large groups again, broadcasting an entirely virtual auction is a great option and can be hosted from anywhere. With a quiet setting, a reliable internet connection, a web camera, and a microphone, your fundraiser can be hosted remotely.

When you’re ready, we’re available to review virtual event options, guide you through the essential roles for your live virtual event, and offer advice to film yourself from home.