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Hybrid Events Now

The addition of a live stream to your live event creates a hybrid event. Beyond that definition, hybrid events vary greatly from event to event. We review ideas for hybrid events now, including types, locations, and terminology.

A nonprofit gala in a large ballroom features to large screens on either side of the stage. Blue and gold lighting illuminate the black drape behind the stage and screens

Top Tips for Clients from AV Pros

Members of our team share their AV advice, answering, “What is Your Top Tip for Clients?” Their insights touched on a range of AV topics from equipment use to collaborative planning.

An event coordinator and an AV planner on meet for an event venue walkthrough

Event Venue Site Visit

An event venue walkthrough provides the opportunity to solve issues before they become problems and increases collaboration and communication among everyone involved.

A live stream director and live stream engineer work in a studio control room as they produce a virtual event

8 Steps to Produce a Virtual Event

Producing your first (or second or third) virtual event can be stressful. We’ve streamlined the process and identified 8 key steps.