April 10, 2024

Event Wifi and Mobile Internet Solutions

A person staffs the check-in table at a nonprofit annual gala event.

Internet access is a necessity for every professional event. Unfortunately, event planners often encounter limited options when trying to access the internet at their event site. As a result, there is an increasing demand for audiovisual companies to provide mobile internet for their clients along with lighting, sound, and video projection equipment and services. When evaluating your options, it’s helpful to understand the benefits of sourcing your AV and internet from the same provider.

Self-contained Infrastructure

When you work with an AV company who is also able to provide temporary wifi for your event, you’ll have a partner who is focused on your event needs and can offer solutions for location-based access issues. The AV team you already know and trust are able to manage and monitor your internet access during your event because they are already on-site providing audiovisual services. No need to reach out to an off-site team to troubleshoot internet issues on event day.

Cost Savings

Bundling your AV production and your mobile internet together will give you services that are appropriate for your event size, possibly lowering your internet costs compared to sourcing AV and internet from two separate providers.

Increased Reliability

Mobile internet use at events is a relatively new technological advancement. That means that companies offering this service are using the latest commercial-grade gear to maintain consistent connectivity. Redundancy options for live streaming and broadcasting also increase reliability. Instead of one circuit, we can use multiple so that if one drops or becomes congested, we can still maintain a connection.

If you are evaluating venues that have nonexistent or exceedingly expensive internet, contact us to discuss temporary internet solutions. We provide mobile internet as part of our professional event audiovisual services and have a team who knows how to troubleshoot and resolve issues to avoid any interruptions. Let’s partner together for your next event.