July 24, 2023

Event Lighting Design: Transforming Your Event Space

A gradient of color from yellow, to orange, to red table linens is repeated in the event lighting design in the Sentinel Governor Ballroom

Event lighting design is a key element in creating memorable event experiences. Lighting makes the event more visually interesting and engaging. It can emphasize your organization’s branding and support your event theme. It also allows the event to evolve and stay fresh from year to year. Your audiovisual production team can create a completely different atmosphere by changing color schemes, lighting angles, and intensity levels.

A different color palette completely changes the feel of the same event space. (Top: Governor Ballroom, Sentinel Hotel, Portland OR; Lower: Miller Hall, World Forestry Center, Portland OR)

Transform Your Event with Creative Event Lighting Design

From an intimate feel to an energetic atmosphere, lighting has the unique ability to set the mood for your event. Choose a color palette that reflects the feel you want to evoke. Examples include bright colors for a tropical vibe, stark and bold for a modern twist, or cool tones for a subdued, elegant atmosphere. By using different lighting techniques and colors, your event space can be transformed. You’ll be setting the tone for the event from the moment your guests arrive.

“Lighting can make or break any event, so be sure to consider the impact your lighting choices will have on your event’s success.”

— Artisan Auctions Blog Post Live Auctions: How To Light Your Fundraising Event For Maximum Profits

Creative event lighting design can include uplights, moving lights, and projected gobos on the walls, ceilings, tables, and floor.

The Power of Focused Event Lighting

You can enhance your event theme through creative lighting. Are you having a casino night? Maybe going back to the ‘80s? Celebrating an undersea experience? Lighting will enhance your theme and bring additional attention to carefully selected event decor.

Proper lighting will also highlight key features of your event space, including architectural details, statement art or custom decor. When an event space is empty, the details stand out on their own. During the event, when activity is occurring throughout the space, thoughtful lighting is necessary to help guests notice all the details that make the venue unique.

“Experts will add color and pizazz to your event with the careful use of lights. They’ll do it intentionally and strategically. An expertly-developed color palette influences learning and touches people in deeper, more meaningful ways. This is precisely what you want.”

– Marquam Auction Agency Blog Post, Light the Way

Lighting can enhance event themes, including a Halloween Ball (top left) and an 80’s neon night (top right), tropical (lower left) and sustainable forests (lower right)

Programmed Lighting Guides the Flow of the Event

Intentional lighting will lead guests from one area of the venue to another and also guide guests through the program of the event. Changing the brightness and color of the lighting and adding movement during different elements of the program will keep your guests focused and engaged on your speakers and on your message.

“Utilize a change in lighting to signal to the audience something different is happening.”

– Michael Faith Auctioneer, Elements of a Successful Live Program
Video projection and lighting can be used as cues for the audience that the program is shifting from one part to another part.

Create an Immersive Experience

Advanced lighting techniques, such as scenic design amplified with technology and projection and video and projection mapping, can create an immersive experience that transports your guests during an event.

Video projection can include multiple layers and can create a fully immersive experience for event guests.

Large scale image and video projection can evoke a specific location, such as the interior of a summer camp dining hall (left) and a city skyline (right). Event production in partnership with Really Big Video.

Event lighting design can have a significant impact on an event’s look and feel. Your attendees are less likely to feel they are attending the same event over and over again when your event venue is transformed with different lighting designs.

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