June 9, 2022

How to Livestream a Virtual or Hybrid Conference or Webinar

a panel of experts is shown during a livestream virtual conference

Professionals in all industries became virtual hosts as in-person meetings, webinars, and conferences moved online during the pandemic and many events will remain online to reach a wide audience. We’ve outlined the basic ins and outs of livestreaming virtual conferences and webinars to help get your planning started.

What is the Scope of Your Event?

Virtual webinars and conferences can range from a pre-recorded thirty-minute expert panel with no guest interaction to a multi-day conference with breakout sessions, networking opportunities, and a trade show. In order to provide a cost estimate, livestreaming production houses will need to know the scope of your event.

  • How many hours / days
  • How many sessions
  • How many speakers at each session
  • Which sessions will be live
  • Type and amount of additional content
  • Guest interaction you want to generate

Your Content Determines Your Platform

If you have a limited event budget and only need to host a discussion with one to three guest speakers and fewer than 100 viewers, you should be fine hosting your webinar as a Zoom video conference call.

If you need advanced features, such high viewer capacity, gated registration, breakout sessions, accessibility tools, branding, and marketing functionality, you’ll need to invest in a virtual conference platform. There are hundreds available. Our clients have successfully used Whova and Streamyard. Here’s a helpful resource as you begin your review of Virtual Event Software.

When You Need to Bring In the Experts

The question really is: how professional do you want your virtual conference to be? You don’t want technology to negatively impact your virtual event even when it is a short, free webinar. An experienced, professional livestream production team will help you showcase your content, seamlessly transition between guest speakers, videos, and presentations, and develop graphic overlays and backgrounds that will enhance your event.

If you are planning a multi-day conference, and you are not an event planner, we strongly recommend you partner with an agency who has experience hosting virtual conferences. These experts will also guide you through selecting the best virtual conference platform for your event.

Requirements For Your Guest Speakers

Your guests should have a hard-wired internet connection at their remote location to avoid frozen or dropped video conference calls. They should also prepare their area as a home studio with additional lighting and an appropriate background. Feel free to share our tips for filming yourself for streaming.

Case Studies from Our Clients

We’ve had the opportunity to livestream numerous virtual conferences and meetings and have outlined how our clients approached each of their events in our Spotlight: Virtual Webinars and Conferences.

If you’d like livestreaming assistance, contact us to discuss your vision and goals for your virtual meetings and webinars.

Originally published in October 2020. Updated June 2022.