January 17, 2021

Getting Ready for Hybrid Events with Robo Cams

Two robotic cameras

While virtual events will remain a mainstay for nonprofit fundraising in 2021, hybrid events will be the next evolution. Across multiple industries, 79% of companies expect to host events that include an online component even as in-person events resume.

Different types of hybrid events will emerge, including filming a virtual event in front of a live audience, or planning two simultaneous events for both an in-person audience and an online audience.

As a technical solution for hybrid events, we’re excited to offer new robotic cameras for on-location and hybrid events. Remote camera systems are compact and perfect for capturing the action at live events. For clients and partners hosting hybrid events, robo cams offer new filming opportunities. These small-stature cameras deliver high-quality video, often from perspectives not possible with a traditional camera set-up.

One Operator

By utilizing high-performance remote cameras, we can produce visually-appealing virtual components for hybrid events–without the increased cost of additional camera operators. Remote camera systems are operated by a single camera operator at a central computer, controlling every movement with a joystick. Footage can be instantly fed into the livestream of the hybrid event.

Excellent Results

Robotic cameras have been used to capture the action in movies, television news, music videos, and sports for years. For your hybrid events, our robo cams will help you deliver an online event experience worth watching. We can film from multiple locations and multiple camera angles. The small footprint of these cameras will place your at-home audience close to the in-room action without compromising space in the venue.

Cost Effective

We invested in robotic cameras for one reason: our clients. Even as we return to in-person events, the size of gatherings will likely be restricted and it will take time for all of us to feel comfortable in large crowds again. Hybrid events will be a great option — if costs are kept reasonable.

Contact us to discuss your event plans and goals and determine the best format for your 2021 fundraisers and events.