May 25, 2021

A Gallery of Virtual Event Props and Set Decor

Whether small or large, a few pieces or a full display, virtual event props and set decor are a great addition to your livestream program. Add props to your set to display your event theme, create excitement for raffle prizes and auction items, bring your mission to life, enhance visual interest for your audience and your hosts, and support the businesses that would have provided decor for your in-person events.

Explore the gallery below to inspire your own set design.

(Click the images for a larger view.)

Props and Decorations

Flowers, balloons, decorations, and items unique to your organization can all be easily transported to the set to add a special touch.

Set the stage with beautiful floral arrangements.

Bring event themes to life with decor.

Personalize the stage with items unique to your organization.

Energize fundraising by showing auction items and donor incentives.


Select pieces that relate to the purpose and nature of your event.

Bringing chairs and tables on the set can change the stage from an open space to an intimate conversation, to an interview, to a live sportscast.

Set Decor

Enhance the story of your event with a full set design.

Large decor and backdrops can instantly transform the atmosphere of your set. Shout out to Royce’s Prop Shop for many of these set designs.

Top of page: Dougy Center Reflection Benefit and Auction (Partners: Raise Agent, Royce’s Prop Shop)


Use the space you have in creative ways.

We usually don’t consider a Porsche Boxster a prop, however in this case it was. We had a great time filming the arrival of the grand raffle prize and positioned it as a second stage for the live raffle drawing.

Extras on Set

Delight animal lovers in your audience with special guest appearances.

Staffing at virtual events is usually limited to people with essential roles. That doesn’t apply to furry friends who liven up a set in the best way.

We are always excited when clients want to incorporate props and set decor into their virtual events because it opens up so many creative possibilities for staging, camera shots, and lighting. Props and set design can also be a feature of hybrid events. For our entirely virtual clients, we can provide direction for your camera placement and framing the shot to take advantage of prop placement.

Planning a virtual event or hybrid event and need production support? Contact us to discuss your event goals and options.