September 28, 2021

Understanding Tech Needs for Virtual and Hybrid Events

A scene from a Network for Good virtual event shows a behind the scenes photo from the view of the virtual event host

Original post published on Bonterra as “The Easy Way to Overcome Your Pre-Event Tech Worries”

Hosting a virtual or hybrid event can be a lot like packing for a trip – you need to make sure you have everything in your suitcase before you get going. But making sure you have the right virtual event tech tools can be stressful, especially when you also have to coordinate speakers, an auction, and more. In order to host a successful virtual or hybrid event, you need to make sure you have the right technology to make the event easy to set up for you and engaging for your viewers.

We’ve compiled technology packing lists for your next event and our partner Network for Good, created an amazing, easy-to-understand graphic to explain the tech differences among an entirely virtual event, an in-studio event, and a hybrid event. Choose your event format, click your ticket, and start your trip.

Ticket 1: An Entirely Virtual Event

This trip is like a weekend getaway: you know where you’re headed and need to pack the essentials to work remotely.

  • An easy planning process with fewer moving parts
  • Requires basic technology that can easily be enhanced
  • Familiar format for many organizations during the pandemic
  • Least expensive to host
  • 100% virtual audience, hosts, and guest speakers

View your virtual event tech tools packing list for an entirely virtual event.

Ticket 2: A Studio-Run Virtual Event

This trip is like a family trip. A few more members of your planning family are coming along for the ride, but less tech items need to be packed.

  • Has a more sophisticated look and feel
  • Require more staff support
  • More expensive than an entirely virtual event
  • Your ticket to the smallest learning curve
  • 100% virtual audience with hosts and a few important guests in studio

View your studio-run tech tools packing list for a studio-run virtual event.

Ticket 3: A Hybrid Event

This adventure is like traditional entertainment options: some of the audience attends in person, others watch on a device at home. It’s two trips in one.

  • Ideal for getting the most out of an existing in-person event
  • Lots of opportunities for customizing the event
  • Most sophisticated tech and programming needs with the steepest learning curve and longest planning period

View your hybrid event tech tools packing list for a hybrid event.

Download the full PDF.

Want to learn more about hosting a virtual or hybrid event? Contact us anytime. Want to learn more about Network for Good’s easy-to-use tools for fundraising success? Request a Network for Good demo.