July 9, 2020

Livestreaming and Virtual Event FAQs

livestreaming and virtual event production equipment

If you haven’t planned a virtual event before, knowing where to start can feel daunting. Below we’ve answered 17 virtual event production questions we receive most often. Please also visit our Livestreaming and Virtual Events webpage and contact us to discuss your specific plans and goals.

Can you help me livestream a:

Virtual event? Yes.
Webinar? Yes.
Pre-recorded Appeal? Yes.
Live auction? Yes.
Virtual Awards Ceremony? Yes.
Commencement? Yes.

Do you have any experience with virtual fundraising galas?

Absolutely! We’ve been providing livestreaming and webcast services since 2017. During the first four months of the pandemic, we helped produce 40 virtual events and nearly all of them were fundraisers.

How far in advance do we need to book a date for our virtual event?

The fall calendar is filling fast. We recommend confirming your date with us as soon as possible or your first choice might not be available.

I’m looking for a team to manage my livestream. What are your services?

Our professional livestream production team includes a dedicated technical event planner, technical livestream engineer, audio engineer, and technical director working together to ensure a high-quality webcast. Learn more about these essential roles.

For our virtual gala, we are considering using Zoom but hope to have short videos and fund-a-need. Are these elements that you can support?

Definitely. For entirely virtual events, we establish a Zoom call with the event hosts. That video conference is fed into the livestream. The technical director runs the event like a broadcast television show. Your audience will see seamless switching between live hosts, videos, slides, graphic overlays, and web feeds (such as a fundraising thermometer).

Are you able to do picture-in-picture?

Yes, we sure can.

Can you help me write my script?

We can recommend creative and talented event strategists who offer copywriting services.

Who should host my event?

That really depends on the nature of your event and organization. Your executive director who is comfortable on camera could be a great host because their passion for the mission will encourage donors to give more. If you’ve always featured a specific emcee at your in-person events, consider hiring that person to emcee the virtual event, too. Plans to include a live auction as part of your virtual event will require an engaging benefit auctioneer. We can recommend excellent benefit auctioneers who have experience with virtual fundraisers.

Should we pre-record some of the event?

Yes. Filming segments in advance keeps your event on pace and on message. We can work with you to film those video messages. We also have tips to film yourself for streaming.

What is included in the virtual event package custom landing page?

Our custom landing page is a great option for organizations that do not have a webmaster on staff. The landing page we create for you features your livestream embedded in the page, your event logo, your sponsor logos, an optional chat feature, and links to your donation page, home page, or other event promotional pages. See examples here and here.

What can we do live from your studio?

We can do almost anything as long as the total number of people in the studio is fewer than the legally allowable size for gatherings in Portland, Oregon. You’ll have access to pro audio, lighting, and video gear and a team with many, many years of live event audiovisual and media production expertise. We also have a large office and waiting area where your support staff can watch the live feed and manage online audience engagement.

I’ve seen events that feature singers performing together from their own homes. Can you help me with that?

Yes. That is a media production project. Everyone films themselves at home and sends in their recordings. We edit those separate videos into one seamless performance. See this example.

What platforms do you usually use for a livestream program?

Our go-to platforms include Vimeo Live and YouTube Live. Besides being feature rich and rock solid on the tech side of things, it’s relatively simple to embed these links on your website or just stream directly to your channel. We also offer custom landing pages embedded with the livestream.

How do we incorporate fundraising technology into our virtual event?

There are numerous fundraising software services available. Many of our clients work with Greater Giving or or Auctria. These systems feature online auctions, payment processing, registration, and donor communications built-in. We’ve also seen organizations use Give Lively as a low-cost fundraising solution. We are able to show any web-based software live during your virtual event.

Can you guarantee there won’t be any technical issues?

We do everything possible to lower the risk of technical issues during a livestream including investing in professional webcast switcher, encoder, software, and computers. We have a backup stream. Our internet connection has a high upload speed and more than sufficient bandwidth. If the virtual event is streamed from our studio, we can also control the video and audio feeds, ensuring both are high-quality. If your live event is hosted from the emcee’s home and their internet is slow, it will impact your livestream. That is also true for people watching your event. If their internet is slow, the livestream may appear to freeze. The good news is that the stream will catch up and the recording of the virtual event will be available to watch anytime. This interview provides more information about livestreaming tech.

What about hybrid events?

Even as event restrictions ease, a quick return to large events is unlikely due to physical distancing rules. Hybrid events allow you to reach your event goals by targeting both in-person and online audiences. See this example inspired by drive-in movie theaters. It’s best to think of these as two separate events with great opportunities for creativity in both. Our experience in livestreaming, media production, and live event audiovisual is the perfect combination for hybrid event production.

How much does livestreaming cost?

Our virtual event package starts at $3,500 for events that are entirely virtual. That means the host is live in their home or office, using their own microphone, web camera, and internet connection. Costs increase for virtual events hosted from our studio. The most expensive virtual events are streamed on-location. Please contact us to discuss your virtual event needs and request a quote.

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